Is Apple Vision Pro Bad For Your Eyes?

Apple has released a new futuristic device called the Apple Vision Pro. The headset promises a groundbreaking mixed-reality experience that has become the talk of the town. Though the device is priced at a staggering $3500, people are going crazy about it. However, it is not a VR device; it has ocular lenses. So, people wonder: Is Apple Vision Pro bad for your eyes?

The Apple Vision Pro is not like a VR headset. Unlike VR headsets, it has cameras on the outer side, and the environment is recorded and played in real-time on the screen in front of your eyes. This may make you wonder whether it has any adverse effect on your eyes. So, let’s discuss in detail how the device works and whether Apple Vision Pro is bad for your eyes.

Is Apple Vision Pro bad for your eyes?

Apple claims that its new device, Vision Pro, is completely safe for your eyes. However, concerns are raised all over the world about the eye issue. Many eye experts have claimed that there may not be any immediate threat to eyes from the use of the device, but there may be problems from continuous use.

The answer to this question can’t be a simple “yes” or a “no.”. This may completely depend on the sensitivity of one’s eye. The doctor discusses two main concerns:

  • Eye Strain from Blue Light: While blue light exposure from the device is unlikely to cause damage, prolonged use may cause eye strain.
  • Dry Eyes: The experts also mention that the device may dry out the eyes and that people who wear it for long periods may experience headaches.

Overall, experts also say that the Apple Vision Pro is likely safe for your eyes, but that there are some potential risks in the long run.

Potential eye issues from The Apple Vision pro

Though the experts have said that the device is safe, they have mentioned some issues that may arise from continuous use of the device. Here are some of the issues discussed, along with their reasons.

1. Digital Eye Strain

The Vision Pro is an immersive, mixed-reality headset that exposes your eyes to a unique kind of visual experience, involving very high pixel density and eye-tracking technology. With these characteristics, the device could strain the eyes more than traditional screens due to the intense, focused use required. Symptoms like dryness, blurry vision, and headaches are possible.

2. Blue Light Exposure

While not definitively harmful, blue light from screens can disrupt sleep patterns, indirectly affecting eye health. But this is not an immediate effect, and in no way can blue light cause permanent damage to your eyes.

3. Infrared Exposure

On the Apple Vision Pro, a set of advanced cameras and sensors (likely infrared) track your surroundings and track your eye movements with extreme precision. No study suggests that these infrareds are dangerous to the eyes, but long-term use can cause some minor discomfort in your eyes.

4. Immersion overload

Unlike phones, the Vision Pro aims to replace a wider span of your everyday visual interactions. Prolonged use might be a bigger factor as compared to smaller screen time. And if you are using this device for the first time, you may face disorientation issues. Though it’s not a concern, you should be aware of it.

How does Apple Vision Pro work?

Unlike a regular VR device, there’s a screen between your eyes and the real world. The micro-OLED displays in each eyeglass lens generate high-resolution images that blend seamlessly with your real-world view. There are cameras on the outer side of the Apple Vision Pro. They record your environment and present it in front of your eyes in real-time. You may think that what you are seeing is natural, but it is not. You are seeing a real-time video in front of your eyes.

Advanced cameras and sensors (likely infrared) map your surroundings and track your eye movements with extreme precision. The device supports gesture tracking to manipulate virtual objects, interfaces, and controls in a way that feels intuitive and natural. Other than the complex hand controllers, your very eyes can select menu items, app icons, and more. You navigate by looking around.

So, from the method by which Apple Vision works, we can see that a lot of work must be done by our eyes while wearing the device. However, there is an advanced technology used, and Apple claims that it’s completely safe.

Should you be worried?

In the world we live in, brand-new technologies are invented now and then. These technologies may have some adverse effects on your health. Same with the Apple Vision Pro. Though the device is claimed to be safe, a little bit of caution can be helpful. Here are some factors that you can consider:

  • Pre-existing Conditions: If you already have eye issues, your tolerance of the Vision Pro experience might be less than that of someone with naturally perfect vision. Consulting your eye doctor helps avoid worsening a pre-existing problem.
  • Moderate Use: Just like any other tech device, the Apple Vision Pro needs to be used moderately. It’s designed to integrate with reality, not fully replace it. Regular breaks ensure your eyes (and even your brain) rest from the intensive tech interaction.
  • Early Awareness: This is the most important factor. If you feel any kind of unease, unusual eye fatigue, or dizziness, then it’s time to stop. This early awareness may prevent bigger issues.


That’s all about the effects of Apple Vision Pro on the eyes. The Apple Vision Pro’s effects on eye health likely depend on individual usage and sensitivities. If you’re a gamer or tech enthusiast excited to try it, use it wisely. But if you already face eye-related issues, it’s a must to have that talk with your doctor first. And don’t ignore any early warnings. In case of any doubts, do let us know in the comments section below.

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