How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone?

The SOS feature on mobile phones is designed to be used in emergencies. But sometimes the feature is accidentally triggered, making an emergency call. That’s why many users wonder how to turn off SOS on iPhones. The good news is that you can completely turn off the SOS call feature on your iPhone.

Accidentally triggering an SOS call can be frustrating, especially when you can’t turn it off. Don’t worry; we are here to help. If you are also faced with such a situation, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to turn off SOS on your iPhone.

What is SOS on an iPhone?

When the SOS icon appears on your status bar, it indicates that there is no network available on your iPhone. So, you can’t make any calls other than SOS emergency calls. This feature is available on iPhone 14 and above. For users with iPhone 13 or earlier models, the SOS status shifts to “no service,” and then you can’t even make emergency calls.

Some iPhones may include an extra function known as “Auto Call,” which enables you to automatically connect to emergency services after a countdown without the need to slide the Emergency SOS slider. The iPhone 14 introduced a unique satellite SOS feature that enables you to make emergency calls even without any network availability.

How to turn off SOS on your iPhone?

Now that we know a little bit about the SOS feature, let’s learn how to disable it. Keep in mind that this SOS feature is only available on iPhone 14 and above. Here’s how you can disable it:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • In settings, tap on Emergency SOS.
  • If you want to turn off the manual shortcut for emergency SOS, disable “Call with Hold and Release” and “Call with 5 Button Presses.”
  • You can also disable the crash-detecting calling feature; just slide off the “Call After Severe Crash” option.

It’s important to note that even after making these settings changes, you can still make an emergency SOS through the power-off screen. To make an emergency SOS, simultaneously hold the power button and one of the volume buttons. Then, swipe the emergency SOS slider to make the call.

Why turn off the SOS feature on an iPhone?

SOS is a helpful feature that allows you to seek help during an emergency. Though it is valuable in critical situations, there are several reasons why you would consider disabling the feature. Here are some of the reasons mentioned:

  • Preventing False Alarms from Kids: If your iPhone is accessible to children, disabling the SOS feature helps avoid the unintentional triggering of false alarms. Children might unknowingly activate the emergency call, leading to unnecessary disturbances.
  • Using SOS for Real Emergencies: Emergency services are useful in critical conditions, and accidental calls can divert their attention from actual emergencies. Turning off the SOS feature ensures that you don’t unknowingly disturb emergency services in non-critical situations.
  • Customizing Side Button Functionality: The side button on iPhone 14 and above may be used for different purposes. If you want to use them for other purposes, you need to disable the SOS emergency call attached to them.
  • Privacy Concerns: While the SOS feature is useful in emergencies, some users may have privacy concerns about their location being automatically shared. So, if you have such a privacy concern, you should turn off the SOS emergency.
  • Stuck in SOS Mode: In certain instances, users may find their iPhones stuck in SOS mode. So, if that’s the case with you, you should consider disabling it.

Stuck on the SOS screen: how to fix it?

There are instances where you have unintentionally made an SOS call, and now you are stuck on that screen. That may be frustrating. Here are some of the things that you can do:

1. Force Restart your device

The first and foremost thing that you can do if your screen is stuck on the SOS screen is to try restarting the device. There are two ways in which you can restart your device. Either restart it the normal way or force restart it. If you are not able to normally restart the iPhone, then you have to force restart it. Press and hold the side button and volume-down button simultaneously for at least 8 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

2. Enable Flight Mode

The SOS feature is available when there is no network in your locality. If you have mistakenly made an SOS call and are stuck on the screen, try enabling flight mode. By enabling the flight mode, the network may return, and automatically, the SOS call will disconnect. Slide down the menu tray from the right-upper side of the screen and enable flight mode. Wait for 10 seconds, and then disable it. Check if the stuck screen is fixed.


That’s how you can fix the SOS emergency issue on your iPhone. Though it is a helpful feature, sometimes it can be frustrating. So it’s better to just turn it off. If you want to turn off the SOS feature, follow the steps mentioned in the article. And in case of any doubt, do let us know in the comment section below.

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