Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

Smartwatches have become an important aspect of our lives. And in the race of smartwatches, the Apple Watch undoubtedly holds the first position. However, many users wonder whether it supports cross-platform, i.e., does Apple Watch work with Android?

According to the official website of Apple, support for Apple Watch only extends to Apple devices, i.e., iPhones and iPads. Though the Apple Watch is a brilliant companion for the iPhone, users of other Android devices look for ways to connect their devices to the watch. But is it possible?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s possible to connect an Apple Watch to an Android device.

Can you use the Apple Watch with Android?

No, you can’t use the Apple Watch with an Android device with full functionality. You won’t be able to pair them both, let alone use them. It’s exclusively written on the official website that the Apple Watch is only supported by Apple devices. So, whether your device supports Bluetooth connectivity or not, you won’t be able to pair.

On the other hand, you can use the Apple Watch and an Android device simultaneously. This is an indirect method to half-pair your Android device with the Apple Watch using an iPhone. So, in this process, you will still need an iPhone 6 or above. This pairing can help you track your daily activity; you will not get the full functionality of the Apple Watch on your Android devices. Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about how to connect an Apple Watch to an Android device using an iPhone.

How do I connect an Apple Watch to Android?

As mentioned above, you can connect your Apple Watch to Android, but only for its limited functionality. For that purpose, you will need the following things:

  • An unlocked LTE version of the Apple Watch
  • iPhone 6 or later
  • Android smartphone
  • A SIM card removal tool
  • A cellular network that supports the Apple Watch

If you fulfill all the material criteria for the process, here’s how you can connect an Apple Watch to Android.

  • Firstly, pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone signed into your iCloud. It includes linking the device to your phone number and downloading desired apps on Apple Watch.
  • After you have connected the iPhone to the Watch, switch both of them off along with the Android device.
  • Now, take a SIM card ejector tool and take the SIM out of your iPhone.
  • Insert the iPhone’s SIM card into your Android phone and power it on.
  • Once your Android phone is active and connected to your cellular network, switch on the Apple Watch.
  • You will see that the Android device is connected to your carrier as usual and that your Apple Watch is also connected.

With this setup, you can start receiving calls and other functionalities on your Apple Watch, even if you have an Android phone as your primary device.

What are the limitations of the Apple Watch connected to Android?

As mentioned above, you only get limited functionality on your Apple Watch when you connect it to an Android device. This is because the Apple Watch and the Android device are not connected; they are just connected through an LTE network. For that reason, you may use basic features like using the watch for making or receiving calls or using basic Siri features. Here are all the features that are not available when you connect an Apple Watch with an Android device.

  • The Apple Smart Watch app is not available on Android devices, and the user is restricted to making and receiving calls and asking Siri basic questions.
  • You can use voice commands to make calls, but only to those contacts that are saved on your SIM and not on your Android phone.
  • The continuous use of LTE significantly impacts the already limited battery life of the Apple Watch.
  • This method can be used when your iPhone is not available for a short time and you still want to use your Apple Watch. The permanent use of this method is not worth it.
  • Most of the advanced features of the Apple Watch are not available when you have connected it to an Android device. Many other smartwatches provide more features on Android than the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Alternatives For Android Users

The method to connect an Apple Watch with Android, though possible, is redundant. What’s even the point of buying an expensive Apple Watch and not being able to use its full features? Many other smartwatches work better on Android than the Apple Watch. Here’s a list of some Apple Watch alternatives that you can try:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Smart Galaxy Watch 6 is a great alternative to the Apple Watch. It is equipped with Wear OS and offers advanced features. The Watch 6 is offered in standard and Pro variants, with the former available in both 40mm and 44mm sizes, while the latter is exclusively available in a 45mm size. In terms of features, it is comparable to the Apple Watch Series 8.  On the other hand, the Watch 6 Pro is a great alternative to the Apple Watch Ultra.

2. Pixel Watch 2

Google has entered the smartwatch market with its series of Pixel watches. It is a feature-rich watch with a visually appealing design. The Pixel Watch comes with integrated Fitbit health tracking. It is designed to facilitate fitness. It runs on the Wear 3.5 operating system and is accompanied by exclusive apps specially made with Google services, such as Google Home.


Though it is possible to somehow connect the Apple Watch with Android, it is not feasible as only a limited number of features are available, and that makes the whole point of buying an expensive watch pointless. However, the choice is yours. Check out the method and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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