Does Apple Vision Pro Give You A Headache?

Apple has recently launched the Vision Pro. People have been crazy about it since its announcement in July 2023. And now that it has been released, people are using it even more than they should. Many users have complained that the Apple Vision Pro is giving them headaches. So, does Apple Vision Pro give you a headache?

What if I told you that almost 45% of the total users who bought the Vision Pro have returned it? And the primary reason behind such a return is that they are feeling discomfort while wearing it. They are facing issues like headaches, nausea, and motion sickness. But is it true? Let’s find out. In this article, we’ll tell you: Does Apple Vision Pro give you a headache?

Does Apple Vision Pro give you headaches?

Apple’s Vision Pro is a futuristic device in the field of mixed reality. It offers a brilliant integration of the real and digital worlds. When the device was first released on Feb 2, 2024, many users bought it. However, after just a few days of use, they decided to return the product. This is because of some potential disadvantages after using the device, one of which is recurring headaches.

After using the device for some minutes, people are getting headaches and sickness. This issue is not among just 2 or 3 users; almost 45% of the total buyers of the Vision Pro have returned it as they feel discomfort while wearing it and even after removing it.

After seeing these reports and after trying the device myself, we are of the conclusion that, yes, Apple Vision Pro may give you headaches or other uncomfortable feelings. But why are we feeling such discomfort? Let’s know more about it.

Why is Vision Pro giving you headaches?

Vision Pro has brought us a relatively new technology. A mixture of VR and AR, or what they call mixed reality, however, has caused some discomfort for the users. Here are some of the main reasons behind such discomfort:

  • Accommodation Conflict: When focusing on a nearby object, your eyes naturally converge, i.e., turn inward. In VR/AR headsets, the displayed images remain fixed in distance, causing a discrepancy between where your eyes converge and where they need to focus. This mismatch can lead to eye strain and headaches.
  • Motion Sickness: When your brain perceives motion but your body remains still, you may feel motion sickness. That’s a very common phenomenon while traveling. On the Vision Pro, you see fast visuals, and your brain thinks that you are moving, but your body remains still, causing such issues.
  • Visual Impairments: Some eye-vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can make headset visuals appear blurry, requiring extra effort to see clearly and potentially leading to eye strain and headaches.
  • Incorrect Fit: If the Vision Pro isn’t properly fitted, it may shift during use, causing your eyes and facial muscles to work harder and potentially resulting in headaches.

People’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro

The release of Apple’s latest mixed reality headset has led to complaints about headaches, vision problems, and motion sickness, resulting in a notable increase in product returns within just a month of its launch. Apple has offered a 15-day return policy for the Vision Pro, and it seems many users are taking advantage of it. Many users have posted on their X account about their issues.

A tech influencer named Rjey has posted on his account, “Can’t wait to return the Vision Pro, probably the most mind-blowing piece of tech I’ve ever tried. Can’t deal with these headaches after 10 minutes of use, though. Just for the record, I’ve tried other VR headsets before and have never dealt with headaches of any sort.”

Apple said in a disclaimer that the Vision Pro headset may trigger some existing health issues and “increase your risk of injury or discomfort.”. Some of these issues included headaches, vertigo, vision conditions, inner ear discomfort, seizures, skin issues, and more. They also suggested that people with medical conditions should consult their professionals before using it, and many people with medical conditions have also posted about the device.

Apple suggests limited use

Apple has already suggested that the device may cause discomfort like this. According to Apple, extended use of the Apple Vision Pro may increase the risk of discomfort or injury. It’s best to take regular breaks from the device, even if you feel fine. The breaks are necessary to give your eyes and brain time to adjust to the device and its features.

In case, you feel unwell or experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache, numbness, eyestrain, eye pain, or changes in vision like blurriness or double vision, stop using it immediately.

If you are using Vision Pro for the first time, make sure you feel fully oriented to your surroundings before actually experiencing the spatial computer. If any symptoms persist, it’s important to consult your physician before using the device again.


If you are experiencing discomforting experiences like headaches, dizziness, or sickness while using the device, you are not alone. Almost half of the users have the same issue. If you have recently bought the device, you can think about returning it in case the problem persists, as Apple offers a 15-day return policy. And, if you are still thinking of buying the device, make sure to consult any professional in case of any medical condition.

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