Can Apple Vision Pro Take Pictures?

The Apple Vision Pro is finally released, and people are going crazy about it. Even though the device is priced at $3500, many users consider buying it. Since the device is new, not all the features of the device are known. So, many people ask: Can Apple Vision Pro take pictures?

Can Apple Vision Pro Take Pictures?

We all know how Apple Vision Pro works. Unlike a VR device, you don’t see your surroundings live, but your surroundings are recorded by the cameras on the device, and you see live video on the screen. But, can you take photos on the Apple Vision Pro? Let’s find out. In this article, we’ll discuss: Can Apple Vision Pro take pictures?

Can Apple Vision Pro take photos?

Yes, you can take photos with the Apple Vision Pro. Though this feature was absent in the initial software, it was added through an update. And now, you can capture not only general photos but also spatial photos. These spatial photos are true 3D representations of a specific moment in time, complete with details about distances, textures, and the position of objects within a space.

Can Apple Vision Pro take photos?

The ability to capture spatial photos is not limited to the Apple Vision Pro but also to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max. But it’s always better to capture spatial photos with the Apple Vision Pro for obvious reasons. So, let’s learn how to take spatial photos with Apple Vision Pro.

How to take spatial photos with Apple Vision Pro?

Now that we know that we can take spatial photos using the Apple Vision Pro, it’s important to know how. Here’s how to take photos using Apple Vision Pro:

  • Firstly, press the top button on the left side of the Vision Pro headset’s frame to open the Capture app.
  • In the Capture app, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option to select whether to take photos or make a video. Set it to “Photo” mode.
  • Press the top button again to capture the photo.How to take spatial photos with Apple Vision Pro?
  • The front of the headset will briefly flash white to signal that a photo has been taken.
  • To exit the Capture app, press the Digital Crown on the Vision Pro headset. Your photo will be saved.

How do you view photos taken on the Apple Vision Pro?

How do you view photos taken on the Apple Vision Pro?

The photos you have taken using the above method get saved in the native “Photos” app. You can open the app and see all the photos and videos. Use the tab bar located on the left side to navigate through your photos. The photos and videos on the “Photos” app on Apple Vision Pro are categorized into the following genres:

  • Spatial: Access all your spatial photos and videos in one convenient location.
  • Memories: Explore a personalized feed showcasing your cherished memories.
  • Library: Organize and browse your photos and videos by days, months, years, and all photos. Curated views highlight your best shots, excluding similar photos, screenshots, document images, and receipts.
  • Albums: View albums you’ve created or those that have been shared with you.
  • Panoramas: Find your horizontal panoramas collected in one place.
  • Search: Easily search for photos by location, content, and more, enhancing your browsing experience.

Tips to take spatial photos on Apple Vision Pro

Tips to take spatial photos on Apple Vision Pro

If you are using Apple Vision Pro to take photos, then you can follow the below tips and tricks to capture beautiful photos and videos. These tips are also mentioned on the official Apple website:

  • Stabilize Your Head: Try to keep your head still while recording spatial video to ensure a smoother viewing experience.
  • Crosshair Guidance: A crosshair will be displayed at the center of your view during spatial video recording. If it moves beyond a circle, it indicates excessive motion. Keep the crosshair within the circle for optimal viewing comfort. A notification may appear if there’s excess motion when viewing the video in immersive mode.
  • Level Indicator: Before you start recording, a level appears via the shutter button if your head is tilted. This serves as a guide to help maintain high-quality, aligned photos and videos.
  • Mind the Distance: Avoid capturing photos or videos with subjects positioned very close to you to maintain clarity and depth in your spatial photos.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a spatial photo and a regular photo?

Regular photos are flat, 2D representations, whereas spatial photos contain depth information, recreating a 3D experience.

Can I share spatial photos with others?

Yes, you can share the spatial photos on supported devices. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max support spatial photography. You can use AirDrop to share the spatial photos.

Where are my spatial photos stored?

Spatial photos and videos are stored within the Photos app on your Apple Vision Pro and can be synced with your iCloud for backup and access on other Apple devices.


That’s all about how you can take spatial photos on the Apple Vision Pro. The spatial photos and video features allow you to preserve moments with unprecedented depth and realism. So, what are you waiting for? Use the device to capture pictures. In case of any doubt, do let us know in the comment section below.

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