Can Apple Vision Pro Connect to PS5?

It has been days since the release of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States. But still, the device is new, and not many people know its features. So, people wonder: Can Apple Vision Pro connect to the PS5 as shown in the introductory video by Apple?

Apple Vision Pro is priced at a whopping $3500, and users who have bought it want to make the most of it. And there are many videos in which people are seen playing on an Apple Vision Pro with a PS5 controller. Is it even possible? Let’s find out. In this article, we’ll discuss: Can Apple Vision Pro connect to PS5?

Can Apple Vision Pro connect to the PS5?

Unfortunately, the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t offer a direct way to connect to your PS5. Unlike traditional VR headsets, it lacks an HDMI input port or similar physical connections. This is because Vision Pro is primarily designed for augmented and mixed reality applications, allowing you to interact with digital elements superimposed on the real world, not fully enclosed virtual environments.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t play PS5 games on the Apple Vision Pro. Though there’s no official way to connect through wires between the devices, there’s still a way to play PS5 games on Apple Vision Pro. Let’s find out how it’s done.

How to Play PS5 games on an Apple Vision Pro?

We have seen that you can’t connect the PS5 and Apple Vision Pro through a wire because of the lack of an HDMI port on the Apple Vision Pro. However, there is another way to play PS5 games on the Apple Vision Pro.

You can play PS5 games on Apple Vision Pro using the Remote Play feature on your PS5 console. And for that, you also need a third-party mirroring app. Here’s how its done:

  • Firstly, boot up your PS5 console.
  • Then, open the “Settings” app in the top right corner, navigate to System, and select Remote Play.
  • Now, put up your Apple Vision Pro and head on to its App Store.
  • In the app store, search for an app called “Mirror Play.”
  • Download and open the Mirror Play app. Put the window next to your TV for easy set-up.
  • On the app, accept the privacy policy and click on “Register PlayStation.
  • Choose which console you are looking to play on. You will then be asked for a registration number.
  • Switch back to your TV screen, and with your controller, tap on “link device.”
  • Insert the catchphrase in the Mirror Play app.
  • Log into your PlayStation account.
  • You can go into the settings and change the resolution and frame rate to the highest possible.
  • Click on Home and select “Local Connect.” Let it find your PS5. After around 30 seconds, your PS5 will get connected to the Apple Vision Pro. 
  • Now, connect your controller to the Apple Vision using Bluetooth. 
  • Drag your game window over the TV, or you can enlarge the screen and change the location according to your needs.

Though the procedure is comparatively long, now you’ll be able to play PS5 games on your Apple Vision Pro.

Issues while playing PS5 games on Apple Vision Pro

As mentioned above, there’s no official way to connect the PS5 with the Apple Vision Pro, so there are some potential issues that may arise while playing. Here are some of them discussed:

  • Potential Lag: As this is just a temporary workaround, not a wired connection, expect some latency or input delay, especially if your Wi-Fi network is average. For the best experience, try connecting your PS5 to your network via an Ethernet cable.
  • Visual Experience: Don’t expect the immersive quality of a dedicated VR headset built for gaming. You’re essentially projecting a large virtual screen within your physical environment rather than experiencing true ‘enclosed’ virtual reality. The maximum video quality will be only 1080p.
  • Aspect Ratio: When you play PS5 games on the Apple Vision Pro, you’ll notice black bars on the sides. This happens because the aspect ratio of the iPad isn’t the standard 16:9 output of a TV, resulting in a mirrored image.
  • Cost Factor: The Apple Vision Pro is a costly device, and it may not be a cost-effective choice purely for PS5 gaming.

Is it worth it?

Now you know how to play PS5 games on the Apple Vision Pro. But is it even worth it? Well, it depends on your expectations and tolerance for a potentially slightly imperfect experience. If you already plan to get the Apple Vision Pro for its other features and you want to experiment with PS5 game streaming, then give it a go! If, however, you’re hoping for a seamless, high-fidelity PS5 VR experience, you might be disappointed. So, if you are buying Apple Vision Pro just for playing games of PS5, that’s a very bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I directly plug my Apple Vision Pro into my PS5?

No, the Apple Vision Pro currently lacks the necessary ports for a direct connection.

2. Is there a way to play PS5 games on my Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, you can use the PS5 Remote Play app along with a screen mirroring app to stream your gameplay to the headset.

3. Will the experience be the same as using a dedicated VR headset?

No, streaming your PS5 gameplay to the Vision Pro offers a mixed reality experience rather than a true, enclosed virtual reality environment. You might also experience some input lag.


That’s all about playing PS5 games on Apple Vision Pro. If you already have both devices, then you can try it. But it is not recommended to buy any device just for this purpose, and the experience is not up to par. So, enjoy the new experience using the above method, and in case of any doubt, do let us know in the comment section below.

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