6 Best Apple Vision Pro Alternatives in 2024

The much-awaited Apple Vision Pro has been released. Unlike other VR devices, it is a spatial computer with many advanced features and is priced at a whopping $3500 in the United States. The price may bother you a little, and you may think about Apple Vision Pro alternatives.

The Apple Vision Pro has been purchased by many users, and we’ve received mixed opinions about the device. Some users are happy with their purchase, while others believe the device could have been better. So, if you’re also interested in something similar to the Apple Vision Pro but more budget-friendly, we’ve got you covered. This article will discuss the 6 best alternatives to the Apple Vision Pro.

6 Best Apple Vision Pro Alternatives in 2024

The Apple Vision Pro is a futuristic device with spatial computing features, but with a price of $3,499, you might think that it is too expensive. But you’ll be glad to hear that there are several affordable alternatives to the Apple Vision Pro. So, if you are not committed to building an Apple ecosystem, try these alternatives.

1. Meta Quest 3

Price: Starts at $499.99

The first and foremost alternative to the Apple Vision Pro is, without a doubt, Meta Quest 3. It is a mixed-reality VR device developed by Meta. The primary reason you should try Meta Quest 3 is the price difference. The price of Meta Quest 3 is just $500; that’s seven times cheaper than Vision Pro!

Other than the cost, the Meta Quest 3 offers impressive performance and features. It is powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, which is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, providing top-notch performance. The device also offers a full-color passthrough feature.

If you are buying a VR device just for gaming, Meta Quest is a better option because of the dual controllers that come with it. Though the design quality and hardware may not be as good as the Apple Vision Pro, that justifies the price difference. Also, you’ll find YouTube and Netflix apps on the Meta Quest 3, which are absent in the Apple Vision Pro.

2. Meta Quest Pro

Price: $999.99

If your budget is up to $1000 and you don’t want to compromise on design quality or hardware, Meta Quest Pro is for you.  The Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s flagship mixed-reality headset, delivering high-end performance. It offers pancake optics for a slimmer profile, improved passthrough visuals, and face and eye-tracking capabilities.

Comparing Meta Quest Pro with Apple Vision Pro, though both are powerful mixed reality devices, the Quest Pro is primarily VR-focused with more realistic gaming capabilities. On the other hand, the Apple Vision Pro is a more productive device with all-around features. You also get dual gaming controllers in Meta Quest Pro, like in Meta Quest 3.

3. XREAL Air 2 Ultra

Price: $699

The next alternative on our list is XREAL’s Air 2 Ultra. This is not a bulky VR device, but a compact, lightweight smartglass. XREAL’s latest Air 2 Ultra AR smart glasses offer almost similar functionality as the Apple Vision Pro. The XREAL’s Air 2 Ultra is focused on tethered AR experiences connected to smartphones or PCs.

Powered by a Qualcomm chipset and featuring a custom OS, the device enables spatial computing experiences with hand-tracking capabilities. Similar to the Vision Pro, the XREAL Air 2 Ultra allows users to interact with apps using spatial technology. However the primary focus of the XREAL Air 2 Ultra is on entertainment applications.

4. Magic Leap 2

Price: $3,299

The next item on our list is the Magic Leap 2 mixed reality device. It is currently one of the direct competitors of the Apple Vision Pro. It is made primarily for developers and creators and offers a distinctive and immersive AR experience. Since the device offers advanced features for creators and developers, the price is comparatively high at $3299.

In terms of features, the Magic Leap 2 stands out for its lightweight design, weighing only 260 grams. The headset incorporates four dedicated eye-tracking cameras that continuously adjust the rendering of digital content, reducing eye fatigue.

The Magic Leap 2 offers power-efficient RAM and storage capacity. It is powered by a 7-bit AMD quad-core Zen 2 chipset. This powerful hardware enables seamless handling of 3D visuals and heavy apps.

5. HTC Vive XR Elite

Price: $1,499

HTC has also entered the VR market by releasing the HTC Vive XR Elite. The Vive XR Elite strikes a balance between VR gaming and mixed-reality applications. It features a modular design allowing users to switch between VR and MR modes, high-resolution displays, and accurate hand-tracking.

The Vive XR Elite is powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chipset. Though the chipset is comparatively old, the same chipset was used in Meta Quest 2. The device offers 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 128GB of internal storage.

Priced at $2000 lower than the Vision Pro, the Vive XR Elite doesn’t compromise on features. It provides the same 6DoF inside-out tracking and offers a comparable battery life of approximately 2 hours. And you also get controllers to have a better gaming experience.

6. Sony PlayStation VR 2

Recently, Sony released a newer model of VR called the Sony PlayStation VR 2. The device comes with new motion controllers and offers a sharp and bright display. It has many features, like eye tracking and compatibility with Play Station 5, that set it apart from any other mixed-reality device. However, it’s worth noting that it isn’t compatible with original PS VR games and is priced at $599 on Amazon.

The Sony PS VR 2 offers an OLED display with a FOV of 110 degrees. It incorporates a six-axis motion sensing system and an IR proximity sensor with four built-in cameras on the headset. Also, each eye is equipped with an eye-tracking IR camera for precise tracking. The device also includes vibration feedback for an enhanced experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Apple Vision Pro alternative is the best overall?

The best alternative depends on your needs. For the most direct competitor with similar features, consider Meta Quest Pro. For a stronger gaming experience, the HTC Vive XR Elite is a good choice. If you are a developer, consider buying Magic Leap 2.

Are there more affordable Apple Vision Pro alternatives?

Yes! The XREAL Air 2 Ultra and Meta Quest 3 offer compelling features at significantly lower price points than the Vision Pro.


The Apple Vision Pro is released to set a standard for a mixed-reality device. With such a high price, users may be inclined to buy other VR devices. So, refer to the list above if you want the same features as Apple Vision Pro but at a lower price. Do let us know which one is your favorite.

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