9 Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories in 2024

The Apple Vision Pro has been released in the United States. Many people are buying it, and since they want to make full use of the device, they wonder what the best Apple Vision Pro accessories are. Since the Apple Vision Pro comes with some basic accessories out of the box, we’ll be discussing accessories apart from them.

The Apple Vision Pro is released at a whopping price of $3500, and if you have bought it and want to buy some additional accessories, then the device may cost you even more. So, refer to the list here to learn about some of the best Apple Vision Pro accessories in 2024.

9 best Apple Vision Pro accessories in 2024

The Apple Vision Pro is a futuristic device, and it will be even more productive if used with some accessories. The list below gives you some of the best Apple Vision Pro accessories. Some of these accessories are officially from Apple, and some are third-party.

1. Apple Magic Keyboard

Price: $99+
Use: Seamless text input, productivity, and enhanced control within VR environments

Many users have complained that while using the Apple Vision Pro, the typing is not very comfortable as you have to poke each finger one at a time. So, if you are a fast writer, consider using the Apple Magic keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard’s familiar layout and comfortable typing experience make it more productive on the Vision Pro. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to navigate, type, and control virtual interfaces with ease, streamlining tasks and maximizing efficiency.

2. Apple Vision Pro Battery

Price: $199
Use: Better battery life for Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro has been criticized for its battery life. Even with a bulky external battery pack, it gives you only two to two-and-a-half hours of usage without being connected to a charger. But if you want a better battery life, you can consider buying an additional official Apple Vision Pro battery. Priced at $199, this backup battery allows users to swap out the depleted battery for a fully charged one, enabling them to resume work for a few more hours without needing to recharge.

However, it should be noted that hot-swapping isn’t supported. That means the device will get restarted every time you switch the battery. But that is still better than plugging the device in for charging while working.

3. Zeiss Optical Inserts

Price: Starts at $99
Use: Useful for people with prescription glasses

Apple has said you can’t use the Apple Vision Pro on prescription glasses. There are many reasons behind that. So, if you wear prescription glasses, you need to buy the ZEISS Optical Inserts to use Apple Vision Pro. Apple has collaborated with Zeiss to provide specific kinds of lenses. These lenses are useful in providing you with crystal-clear vision with the Vision Pro.

4. Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

Price: $199
Use: Protection against scratches, dust, and minor impacts

The next item on our list is the Apple Vision Pro travel case. Since you have invested so much in this device, you may want to carry it with you wherever you go while at the same time keeping it safe. So, for that, Apple has offered a travel case.

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case features a retractable handle and carefully crafted compartments tailored for your battery, ZEISS optical inserts, an Apple Vision Pro Cover, and extra accessories.

5. Sony Dual Sense Wireless Controller

Price: $69.95
Use: Immersive and precise gaming

Gaming on the Apple Vision Pro is still in its early stages, but it is still good, largely due to its compatibility with games imported from other platforms, including the Apple Arcade library. Apple’s headset also supports Sony’s newest wireless console controller, i.e., the Sony Dual Sense Wireless controller.

The Sony Dual Sense Wireless Controller gives the ultimate gaming experience due to its ergonomic design, advanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers that create a sense of realism. So, if you are into gaming, you may consider buying the wireless controller.

6. Apple Vision Pro Solo Knit Band

Price: $99 each
Use: Improved Comfort and personalized fit

The Apple Vision Pro comes with a knit band out of the box, but it is only limited to three size options: small, medium, and large. So, if there comes a situation where you have to share your device with someone whose head size differs, you’ll likely require a knit band in a different size. So, for that, you can buy an additional Apple Vision Pro solo knit band, which also comes in three different sizes.

7. Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro

Price: $50
Use: Comfortable hands-free experience

Holding the battery of the Apple Vision Pro is very frustrating. To curb that, you can buy the Belkin battery holder. The holder is available on the official Apple website. The case provides a convenient and versatile hands-free experience while using Vision Pro. You can clip the battery onto a belt or pants for easy access. If you are not wearing a belt or pants, then you can use the cross-body strap to clip the access on your body.

8. Lens Cleaning Pen

Price: $20
Use: Helps to clean the lenses of Apple Vision Pro

Though Apple has not yet released an official guide on how to clean the Apple Vision Pro, it would be better to make arrangements for that. Just like any other extended-reality headset or even professional camera, it’s essential to handle the lenses delicately to maintain their condition over time. For that, you may use a lens cleaning pen. Such cleaning pens are also used by professional photographers to clean their camera lenses.

9. Magic Trackpad

Price: $129
Use: Ease of access on the Apple Vision Pro

There is no doubt that the hand-tracking on the Apple Vision Pro is impressive and flawless. However, every time you can’t be in a position to use your hand for gestures like ‘pinch to move’ on a webpage or spreadsheet, for example, in a crowded place or an airport. So, in such cases, having a physical option provides greater precision and usability. You can use the Apple Magic trackpad to have better control over the functions of Apple Vision Pro, even in odd places.


That’s some of the best Apple Vision Pro accessories in 2024. If you want to make the most of your device, you can consider these accessories. Many of these accessories are officially offered by Apple, but you can also get cheaper options from third- parties. So, do try these out and let us know your favorites.

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